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Although there are many methods of sewer pipe repair or replacement, epoxy pipe lining remains one of the most popular. This trenchless form of pipe rehabilitation uses high-performance epoxy resin to create a seamless pipe within the existing, damaged pipe. The professionals at PrimeLine Products offer the highest quality resin and epoxy pipe lining products that are ideally suited for use in many applications.

Multiple sewer pipe replacement and repair lining materials are on the market today, but epoxy continues to be a popular choice. As your trusted trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider, PrimeLine Products, we make sure that we provide exactly what you need. Pipe lining with epoxy resins is a type of trenchless pipe restoration that effectively establishes a new and seamless pipe within a broken or deteriorated pipe.

Here is a look at what makes this part of our range of trenchless and pipeline equipment and products so beneficial:


The special type of pipe lining epoxy used for trenchless applications is incredibly durable. The PrimeLiner® Resin used by the experts at PrimeLine Products is not only structurally strong, but also chemical-resistant. The material is almost impenetrable to root intrusion, corrosion, or any of the other common problems that create inconsistencies in standard metal piping. It exhibits unique properties for chemical resistance against such substances as ammonium nitrate, sodium hydroxide, and hydrochloric acid, while also demonstrating high structural strength. The material is almost impervious to the common problems experienced by standard piping, such as corrosion and the intrusion of tree roots. Rest assured that the PrimeLiner Resin is suitable for trenchless CIPP pipe lining, resulting in an exceedingly durable surface.


When determining the epoxy lining cost, many factors need to be considered. Not only is pipe lining less expensive than traditional excavation methods, but the trenchless technology also saves the consumer money in recovery costs. As trenchless methods take a no-dig approach, you won’t have to pay to repair a lawn or landscape that may have been completely destroyed if standard methods were used. Trenchless pipe lining itself is typically a lower-cost form of repair than standard methods, and the specialized trenchless pipe lining equipment at PrimeLine saves in site-restoration costs by avoiding the need to dig and potentially destroy landscaping or lawns.


The epoxy resin used for trenchless sewer rehabilitation begins as a liquid. The aqueous nature of the resin can easily be formed into any pipe size, resulting in a seamless lining once it is set and cured. Although it is set inside the old pipe, the resin hardens to an independently strong material that does not rely on the old pipe for structural strength. Once hardened, the epoxy lining becomes a structurally strong pipe that doesn’t depend on the surrounding drain to hold its shape. Epoxy can suit applications with trenchless equipment such as rollers, brushes, or sprays. It cures in ambient conditions or underwater, resists temperatures down to 24 degrees and above 325 degrees Fahrenheit and has no odors.


At PrimeLine Products, we’ve maintained the highest quality standards in trenchless repair and pipe lining systems and materials for more than 20 years. As a family-owned and -operated supplier, we make accurate estimates of the equipment you need. All our company representatives are industry trained and certified and have passed a background check and drug testing.

Call our knowledgeable team for specially-formulated materials and trenchless equipment for sale at PrimeLine Products. If your pipes are in need of complete rehabilitation, consider the strength and durability of epoxy resin for a lasting solution to your sewer line problems. Contact us today for a quote or for any additional information regarding your next project. You may also purchase our products online when you fill out our online form.

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