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Trelleborg LCR-S

When you perform a lot of lateral pipe lining services for residential, municipal, or commercial clients, you need equipment that offers accuracy, precision, durability, and adaptability. At PrimeLine Products, we proudly offer the Trelleborg LCR-S, a smart tool for your crew.

Let’s take a look at the features and benefits of this lateral connection repair tool for trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

Easy to Transport

The Trelleborg LCR-S consists of modular components. This lateral pipe lining equipment facilitates easy transit to the worksite. Your crew can get started on the project with minimal setup time.

Visualize the Repair

The Trelleborg LCR-S features an onboard camera that allows your crew to see the repair in real-time. The camera also assists with the positioning of the equipment for accurate and precise repairs with our other lateral pipe lining supplies.

Maintain Safety

The Trelleborg LCR-S only allows the repair process with lateral lining materials to start once your crew locks the lateral hose in place. After the inversion of the hose, the unit creates a loud and clear acoustic signal so that you know the inversion is complete.

Easy Maneuvering

Maneuvering in damaged pipes requires skill and precision. The Trelleborg LCR-S features a telescopic wheel system and rotary drive. This ensures correct orientation and extraordinary maneuverability even in small pipes measuring just four inches in diameter. This lateral pipe lining system also includes a pathfinder lifting system for positioning at damaged connections and joints.

Short Curing Times

The ambient curing resin used in the LCR-S promotes short curing times. No additional heat sources or equipment are needed for the curing process. This keeps your crew safe.

Expand your trenchless pipe rehabilitation services with the cost-effective Trelleborg LCR-S. Use it on cement, concrete, plastic, clay, and cast iron pipes up to 24 inches in diameter. To learn more about the LCR-S, Maxliner lateral lining system, or other equipment, contact us at PrimeLine Products today!



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