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When customers need pipe repair procedures, the duration of the process is oftentimes one of their foremost concerns. Because of this, the HotKick™ offers a rapid restoration time for epoxy pipe lining products. Let’s take a closer look at the HotKick™ and how it works with our other PrimeLine Products trenchless pipe repair solutions.

Assist More Residential and Light Commercial Clients

The HotKick™ works on pipes measuring up to eight inches in diameter. This includes nearly all residential and light commercial clients in need of lateral pipe repair services. HotKick™ trenchless equipment only requires a crew of two to three people to position and operate it.

Decrease Curing Time

Customers often express concerns about the length of time it will take to restore their pipes. The HotKick™ reduces curing time to mere minutes instead of days. The diesel-powered motor quickly heats the water in these pipe lining systems, so the curing process starts as soon as you turn on the unit. Your crew can promptly restore service to the rehabilitated pipe, leading to high customer satisfaction rates.

Maintain Safety and Efficiency

Even though the HotKick™ has “hot” in its name, this trenchless pipe lining equipment cures epoxy resin at low to moderate temperatures. This ensures safety for your crew. The thermostatic controls allow the temperature of the water circulating in the enclosed system to reach 203 degrees Fahrenheit. Just under the boiling point, this lower temperature minimizes the risk of injuries or damage to nearby properties or structures.

The convenience, reliability, and sheer power of the HotKick™ help crews accomplish more repairs without sacrificing the durability of the results. Its small size and exceptional ease of handling facilitate use in small and hard-to-reach areas.

To learn more about the HotKick™ and its features or any of our other trenchless equipment for sale, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at PrimeLine Products any time!



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