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When you’re working on laterals that connect to main sewer lines, you’ll need to have the right supplies for the job. At PrimeLine Products, we offer a wide selection of manhole and joint sealing solutions. These grouts offer ease of application and have a lifespan of many decades.

Let’s take a look at the versatility of these essential trenchless pipe repair products.

Stop Groundwater Infiltration

The purpose of all chemical grouting products is to stop groundwater infiltration. When used on a manhole, they stop rainwater and melting ice or snow from flooding the wastewater system. The grout also stops water from flooding sensitive areas of underground infrastructures, such as subway rails and stations. Avanti’s chemical grout is specially designed to put a stop to active water leaks in any soil type or environment.

Protect the Environment

A leaky pipe could lead to serious environmental damage. With our chemical grouting supplies, you can put a stop to leaks of oil, gas, and wastewater that may cause harm to your client’s property and the surrounding environment. The grout itself is also environmentally friendly and doesn’t degrade when exposed to bacteria, alkaline or acidic substances, heat, moisture, or abrasion.

Preserve Critical Infrastructure

When you inject grout with our chemical grouting accessories and equipment, you preserve critical infrastructure. The chemical grout can be used to repair cracks in pipes and joints. It works above and below the water table. These grouts form lasting bonds with a wide variety of pipe and manhole materials, including concrete, cast iron, steel and alloys, plastic, and more.

Chemical grout ensures that no leaks occur during and after your trenchless pipe rehabilitation project. They offer long-lasting environmental protection and extend the lifespan of the pipe. To learn more about Avanti chemical grouting and our premium quality grouting supplies, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products today!

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