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Dancutters equipment

Pneumatic Dancutters allow your crew to accomplish a multitude of tasks related to trenchless pipe rehabilitation. These key tools facilitate pipe preparation, open lateral connections and clear debris. If you’re looking to expand your collection of trenchless equipment from PrimeLine Products and offer a wider range of services, check out these benefits of Dancutters.

User-Friendly Design

Dancutters offer a user-friendly design. A pair of rugged wheels makes it easy to pull the cutter to the worksite. Its stand keeps it steady while the cable powers through damaged, obstructed or malfunctioning pipes. The stainless steel handle resists rust and corrosion and ensures a firm grip when transporting the equipment. The shape of the cutting head, blades, and cable allows it to enter vertical and horizontal pipe configurations as well as spaces with small access points.

Power Through Complex Pipes

The DC Super Flex easily navigates through small vertical and horizontal pipes with 90-degree bends. When you’re working on pipes four to 12 inches in diameter, the DC Maxi Flex moves through one or more 45-degree bends smoothly and efficiently. No matter how close the bends are or where they’re located in the pipe, Dancutters can handle any pipe configuration.

Adaptable to All Conditions

With the Dancutter products, you can mill, cut and grind pipes made of cast iron, cement, clay, concrete, PVC and steel. If the pipe changes in diameter due to mineral scale and other buildup, this doesn’t stop the Dancutter. It pushes through the debris, scouring the interior of the pipe clean and preparing it for the next stage of rehabilitation.

Dancutters can help your crew accomplish more work in less time. These tools allow you to mill, grind, cut and clear debris from residential, commercial and municipal pipes of all types. For more information about the benefits of Dancutters or to make a purchase, contact PrimeLine Products today.

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