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Long test-ball plugs

For nearly 70 years, Cherne’s long test-ball plugs have been the go-to product for waste stack testing. This essential tool allows you to safely and efficiently test all types of drain, vent, and waste systems.

PrimeLine Products proudly offers these durable pipeline plugs. Let’s explore some of the biggest benefits of using Cherne’s long test-ball plugs in your upcoming projects.


Cherne long test-ball plugs allow you to test anywhere in a wastewater system. You can use them in the floor drain, vent, or sewer pipe. When you pair the Cherne plug with our pipeline plug accessories, you can also use it to test a wye vertical riser or a sewer run. They work in a range of pipe sizes, so you don’t have to bring dozens of them with you on every job.

Easy to Use

Nobody wants to deal with fussy pneumatic plugs when customers are waiting for inspections or repairs. Cherne’s long test-ball plugs feature a ring and chain assembly, so they’re easy to handle and won’t fall down the drain stack. Retrieving them is simple with our collection of accessories.

Accurate and Precise

The sealing ribs on Cherne’s long test-ball plugs prevent any moisture or air from seeping across the barrier. This ensures that you get accurate results while inspecting or testing a pipe. The plugs accept up to 13 pounds per square inch of pressure, and they prevent backsplashes when extracted with our pipeline plug tools.

In addition to these pneumatic plug options, PrimeLine Products also offers quality mechanical pipeline plugs to meet your needs. If you’re unsure which plug is the best for a certain application or type of pipe, we’re always ready to assist you. To learn more about Cherne’s long test-ball plugs or to place an order, reach out to PrimeLine Products today.



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