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Why Chemical Grouting is A Must Today

Chemical grout injection, permeation injection, and chemical grouting all refer to the process of stabilizing soil with chemicals that feature hardening and strengthening properties. The process is essential when you’re working in sandy or granular types of soil.

Let’s take a look at why chemical grouts are a must for your projects and how PrimeLine Products can help.

Maintain Environmental Compliance

Groundwater intrusion into gas pipes, potable water lines, or conduit presents a safety and environmental hazard. With our chemical grouting supplies and products, you can create a moisture-proof barrier that prevents seepage into pipes. The grout also prevents fluids and gasses from leaking out of pipes and causing environmental contamination.

Ensure Structural Integrity

When you’re working around building footers, excavating under a body of water, or creating a system of tunnels, the soil and groundwater exert an incredible amount of force on pipes. Our chemical grouting accessories and equipment help ensure the structural integrity of underground pipes, tunnels, and conduits by reducing the amount of pressure and repelling moisture.

Improve Worksite Safety

Premium Avanti chemical grouting improves worksite safety. Any time excavation takes place, shifting soils may cause the trench to collapse, putting your crew at risk. Chemical grout stabilizes the soil. It also prevents flooding of underground work areas.

Whether you’re wrapping up a project with manhole and joint sealing or you need to stabilize difficult soil before building a tunnel or laying conduit, chemical grout makes the work go as smoothly as possible. With our wide selection of grout tools and accessories, you’ll be able to precisely install the grout and continue with your work.

At PrimeLine Products, we’re proud to offer premium chemical grout manufactured by Avanti for use in all of your trenchless projects. Contact us today for product specifications or to place an order!



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