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Dancutter equipment

When you need to cut, mill, scour, or grind residential or commercial pipes, Dancutter tools offer all of these functions and more. Their top-notch capabilities improve your crew’s efficiency, save you money, and allow you to offer a wider range of services to more clients.

Let’s explore some of the capabilities of Dancutter equipment available from PrimeLine Products:

Easy to Operate

Anyone who can operate a joystick can operate Dancutter equipment. The joystick navigates the tool’s head through the pipe and allows for accurate and precise steering. The equipment only requires one person for setup and operation. With the controller, your operator can raise, lower, center, and rotate the head. The Dancutter’s camera includes an automatic cleaning system for enhancing visibility during the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitate All Pipe Materials

When your crew arrives at a job site, the type of pipe will not matter. The Dancutter equipment works on cast iron, asbestos and fiber cement, concrete, PVC, and steel pipes. This equipment easily grinds, scours, or cuts through debris within the pipe, including calcified mineral deposits, gummy grease, and thick clogs of tree roots.

Works in All Pipe and Soil Conditions

Dancutter equipment works in any type of soil, including sandy soils and rocky soils. The DC Super Flex and DC Maxi Flex cutters easily navigate around multiple 45- to 90-degree bends, allowing your team to work on pipes with complex infrastructure. In areas where pipes narrow in diameter, the Dancutter robotic cutting systems easily accommodate the changes.

At PrimeLine Products, we bring you the latest tools and technology for trenchless pipe rehabilitation. Our team assists you in choosing the best tool for the job and your company. To learn more about the capabilities of Dancutter equipment, get in touch with us.



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