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Avanti chemical grouting

Chemical grout impedes the flow of water, improves structural strength, and creates smooth surfaces. When your crew rehabilitates pipes, seals joints, or installs underground structures, you need a full selection of grout and chemical grouting accessories and equipment.

At PrimeLine Products, we offer an extensive range of grouts and tools to help you get the job done as efficiently as possible.

Grouts for Crack Injection

Filling cracks with an epoxy chemical grouting product prevents structural damage and restores strength. We offer a full selection of Denepox crack injection grouts. Our options include general-purpose injection sealers, which work well in concrete and cement. We also stock grouts for filling hairline cracks and for patching, bonding, and interior joint sealing.

Grouts for Stabilizing Soil

When soil shifts, it puts lives and structures at risk. We offer Avanti chemical grouting and other grouts that stabilize all types of soil. This type of grout displaces particles of fine soil and reinforces loose soil. It also stabilizes sinkholes. We recommend Hydro Active, AC, Aqua-Tite, Rock-Tite, and similar grouts for filling voids at risk of collapse or infiltration.

Products for Manhole and Joint Sealing

Manholes provide convenient access to underground utilities and structures, but they may also permit water and automotive fluids to leak into these spaces. During periods of extreme rain, incredible amounts of water could enter through a manhole. Our chemical grouts and supplies create a water-tight manhole and joint sealing around manhole covers. They also work well on pipe joints, including water and sewer laterals and mains.

No underground project is complete without the right chemical grout. From foundation repair to joint sealing, our grouts do it all. At PrimeLine Products, we have all of the chemical grouting supplies and equipment you need for any application

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