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Dancutters from PrimeLine Products

At PrimeLine Products, our company regularly reviews new types of equipment for use in trenchless pipe rehabilitation. The Dancutter offers a simple and flexible solution for contractors who rehabilitate and replace PVC, cast iron, cement, concrete, steel, and fiberglass pipes, liners, and conduit. By having Dancutter products in your collection of equipment, you will enjoy precision grinding, cutting, and milling for every project.

Product Features

Dancutters feature pneumatic operation. They prepare pipes for rehabilitation by clearing obstructions and debris. They also open access to laterals and branch pipes, making them useful to contractors who work on municipal wastewater systems. The shape of these cutters facilitates work on both vertically and horizontally oriented pipes with one or more 45- to 90-degree bends. No matter how complicated the pipe configuration, the Dancutter tools push through it and assure you of a successful project.


Dancutter offers a range of cutters for use in different applications in trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

  • DC Super Flex

The DC Super Flex handles multiple 90-degree bends in pipes measuring six inches in diameter or smaller. The cutter quickly moves through straight and bent pipes. It works on PVC, cement, cast iron, concrete, and steel.

  • DC Maxi Flex

The DC Maxi Flex delivers the ultimate level of power in a cutter. Its tough motor makes cutting efficient and quick. It works in pipes ranging in size from four to 12 inches. It easily navigates several 45-degree bends. This cutter removes hard deposits, reopens laterals and mills, and grinds all types of pipes.

Benefits and Advantages

As essential pieces of trenchless pipe rehabilitation equipment, the Dancutter products allow you to rehabilitate pipes below the surface without excavation. It works in all weather and soil conditions, providing you with greater flexibility to assist more clients throughout the year. Instead of needing multiple tools to cut through different pipe materials, the Dancutter’s flexibility means you only need one tool for milling, grinding, and cutting pipes. It also reopens laterals and gets rid of hard deposits that obstruct or reduce pipeline capacity.

The power of the Dancutter’s engines allows you to quickly cut through any material. The cutting blades offer 360-degree continuous rotation. The flexible heads swiftly move around bends without slowing or getting stuck. Made from high-quality stainless steel alloy, the Dancutter tools have minimal maintenance requirements and provide a long lifespan. Watch the progress of the tool on the 12-inch color display. The user-friendly and precise controls allow you to navigate through the most complex pipe configurations. These tools come standard with brushes, a centering tool, and a transport box.

Reach Out to PrimeLine Products

PrimeLine Products is proud to add the Dancutter products to our range of equipment. For the past 20 years, our family-owned company has operated with the highest quality standards. We offer accurate estimates and guarantee our products. Each member of our team is professionally trained and certified and has completed a background check and drug test.

To learn more about the Dancutter tools or to place an order, contact PrimeLine Products today. Feel free to call us or fill out the form to get in touch with us.

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