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Designed to hold tight and be durable, mechanical pipeline plugs come in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes. PrimeLine Products offers a wide assortment of these plugs as well as pipeline plug tools and accessories.

Using mechanical plugs to test the pipes of a building offers several benefits. Moreover, they are useful in nearly any situation.

Why Use A Mechanical Plug?

Mechanical plugs offer professional plumbers several benefits over other alternatives. For one thing, they can be used during vent and stack testing as well as testing of pipe pressure.  Another issue is they are ideal for long term use applications.

Another advantage of the mechanical plug is the fact that they’re made from rust-proof materials. This means that they will not damage the vent or pipe that you are using them in.

The primary advantage of these plugs is their versatility. While most mechanical plugs are named for their intended purpose – like the end-of-pipe gripper – they can generally be used in other areas and for other reasons.

When to Use A Mechanical Plug?

Whenever a new building is constructed, testing the system is an important step. Finding and correcting any problems with the pipes before any move to the property  will help make sure they can enjoy their stay.

Installing pipeline plugs is crucial for providing accurate details about a pipe’s quality when testing and to prevent damage to the system. Regular testing is essential as piping systems age and these plugs can help professionals find minor issues before they become expensive repairs.

Testing can indicate where damaged, cracked or weak pipes exist. This allows potential problems to be found and fixed early which is more effective and cost-efficient.

Testing pipelines are an integral part of plumbing work. Contact PrimeLine Products to find out what we can do to help you find the right plugs and pipeline plug accessories for your needs.



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