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Why Consider Epoxy Pipe Lining

When your sewer line is damaged, a repair with epoxy pipe lining products may be a cost-effective and efficient solution to solve the problem. At Prime Line Products, we offer affordable solutions that are designed to restore sewer pipes to be fully functional. Here are some reasons to consider epoxy lining for sewer pipe repairs.

Less Digging

With epoxy pipe lining systems, plumbers only need to access one or two parts of the sewer. There is no need to dig up your whole yard or property. This saves time and creates less of a disruption.


Another advantage of epoxy pipe repairs is that they are affordable. It costs less to repair a sewer line with this system than it does to remove and replace a sewer line. Our trenchless equipment makes epoxy lining services easier to accomplish.

Fixes a Range of Issues

Epoxy lining for sewer pipes fixes many types of problems. It seals small cracks where sewage leaks. It stops tree roots from penetrating into the pipes. It also seals off the inside of the pipe from rust and corrosion. Our trenchless pipe lining equipment works on a variety of sewer pipe diameters.


Fixing a sewer line with epoxy lining can be done in less than a day. The epoxy can fully cure in 2 hours (if an optional heater is used), so homeowners won’t have to wait long to get back to their regular activities. We have all the required trenchless equipment for sale at affordable prices. Leasing options are also available.When it comes to affordable epoxy pipe repair equipment and supplies, nobody does it better than Prime Line Products. We are here to answer any questions you have about trenchless pipe repairs, supplies and equipment. If you are not sure about what piece of equipment is the best one for our needs, get in touch with us today.



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