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When faced with a difficult plumbing problem, it’s important to have the right pipeline plugs for the job. Prime Line Products offers a broad selection of pipeline plugs that vary in size and style for different applications. We discuss the different kinds of pipeline plugs on the market to help you choose the best one for the job.

Inflatable Plugs

Inflatable plugs, also called pneumatic plugs, are a good choice when your project requires a short installation time. If the pipe needs to contain liquids at a high pressure, these are the right plugs. They come in a range of sizes from .75″ to 96″.

Mechanical Pipeline Plugs

Mechanical pipeline plugs are the ideal option when your project involves liquids that are at a low pressure. They are heavier than inflatable plugs and can be inserted when there is already some pressure in the pipe. These plugs will not slip, and they can hold up to five meter bars of pressure at the time of insertion.

Multiple Size Models

When you are sealing a lot of pipes of the same size at the same time, single size models are the right choice. If you are only sealing one pipe for the project, a single size plug is all you need. However, when you have to seal a bunch of pipes of different sizes all at the same time, you’ll need multiple size models of plugs. This kind of complicated work can take considerable time and effort so having the right pipeline plug tools is important.

Primeline Products is the trusted provider of high-quality pipeline plug accessories in FL and the surrounding areas. Our professional team can also help you select the right pipeline plugs for your project. Contact us today for more information on the different products we offer.

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