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PrimeLine Products takes pride in providing a full range of chemical grouting accessories and equipment. Here are some facts on manhole and joint sealing.

Sealing buried pipelines and manholes was once a difficult task due to the general inaccessibility of the areas being repaired, but sewer cameras and other modern technologies available today make the process much easier. The team at PrimeLine Products furnishes a wide range of manhole and joint sealing supplies, and we offer the following information on their various uses and applications.

The Need for Pipe Sealing

Over time, even properly installed piping may shift or develop small cracks that could spread and compromise the structural integrity of the entire pipeline. Regular inspection and repair using chemical grouting to fill joints and visible cracks can extend the life of a storm drain, manhole or pipeline and head off the need for bigger repairs later on. Other methods to seal these pipes include Internal Joint Seals and CIPP (full length and Sectional Point Point Repairs).

The Manhole and Pipe Sealing Process

The first step to tackling the issue is to identify the exact nature and extent of the problem. After that has been completed, employing our dedicated chemical grouting accessories and equipment to apply grout to the areas where it’s needed most will aid in wrapping up the job quickly and easily.

Our Quality Products

Our product line-up includes chemical grouting supplies manufactured by Avanti. Avanti grouts are useful in a variety of situations and offer proven performance and dependable results. We also offer pipeline inspection and cleaning equipment as well as other tools of the trade that can assist you in serving the needs of residential, commercial and municipal clients alike.

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