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Potable water line

Chemical grouting creates an impervious barrier that’s safe for potable water supplies. Its use in a wide range of plumbing, construction, and infrastructure applications makes it an essential part of your trenchless supplies and materials.

PrimeLine Products offers a few tips on when and how to use chemical grouts.

Choose the Right Grout

For a successful project, you need to choose the right chemical grouting supplies. We offer grouts made from acrylate, epoxy, high-performance cement, and polyurethane. Each type of grout has its place in the trenchless rehabilitation and construction niches. If you’re unsure of which grout to use for a particular project, we can provide technical and product assistance.

Use Good Mixing Techniques

The right mixing technique matters when applying Avanti chemical grouting and other grouts. Always use a clean bucket for mixing. Follow the manufacturer’s specifications for stirring time and ambient temperature and humidity requirements.

Apply With Care

When applying chemical grout, the application technique also matters. We recommend using specific chemical grouting accessories and equipment for the application of the grout. These accessories are designed to apply an even layer of grout. The tips don’t clog, and they ensure a steady flow of the product. We offer a range of ergonomic accessories that are easy to clean and maintain.

Follow Manufacturer Timelines

Once you’ve mixed the grout, apply it with chemical grouting supplies as quickly as possible. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for curing time and restoration service to the fixture, pipe or manhole.

Chemical grouts allow you to expand your range of services, reduce the cost of labor and materials, and complete projects quickly. Their range of applications, cost effectiveness, and durability make them a top choice for all trenchless pipe, sewer, as well as manhole and joint sealing and rehabilitation projects.

For more information about chemical grouts, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products any time.



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