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Chemical grouting

Grout is essential when you work on manholes, pipe joints, and other underground pipe rehabilitation and sewer restoration projects because it promotes successful results. The right chemical grouting products prevent groundwater and chemical intrusion and protect underground infrastructure.

At PrimeLine Products, we stock a variety of these grouts for a wide range of plumbing and sewer restoration, as well as rehabilitation and installation projects.

Stop Crack Development

Grouts and chemical grouting supplies prevent the development of cracks and gaps between pipe segments and concrete structures. Most of these cracks and gaps result from water intrusion and temperature fluctuations. By filling the joints with durable grout, your crew reduces the risk of gap and crack development.

Halt Crack Expansion

When cracks already exist between segments or within concrete, filling them with chemical grouting halts their expansion and enhances the structural integrity of the concrete. Our grout accessories simplify the process of placing grout into narrow and unusually shaped cracks.

Stabilize Soil

Shifted soil exerts tremendous pressure on pipelines, conduits, and concrete structures. With Avanti chemical grouting, your crew stabilizes the soil and prevents it from damaging the pipeline. The grout fills the space between soil particles and stops them from sliding over each other or collapsing.

Control Groundwater

Groundwater wreaks havoc on underground structures. The water picks up minerals from the soil, which promote rust and corrosion in conduits and pipelines. Applying grout helps control the movement of groundwater. We also recommend using chemical grout for manhole and joint sealing on streets, sidewalks, and parking lots.

The chemical grouting accessories and equipment available on our store ensure the success of your projects. We offer a range of tried-and-true grouts that meet or exceed industry standards for water and chemical resistance, durability, and longevity. Contact us at PrimeLine Products for more details!



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