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When your company wishes to expand the types of services or invest in new equipment, the lifespan of the equipment you use plays an important role in your decision. At PrimeLine Products, we offer equipment made to last. All of our trenchless equipment for sale provides you with many years of hassle-free use.

Typical Lifespan of Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Equipment and Materials

Each type of trenchless pipe equipment features a different life span. Once prepared, epoxy pipe lining products start to harden within a few hours. The cutters, mechanical plugs, lining guns, and gauges last for a decade or longer with proper maintenance. Seals and pneumatic plugs last for several years.

Factors in the Lifespan of Trenchless Pipe Lining Equipment

Many factors go into calculating the average lifespan of trenchless equipment. Difficult soil, such as clay, may make tool heads wear out faster. Working in high humidity or extreme temperatures also increases stress on the tools. Some other factors that affect the equipment’s life span include maintenance history, storage practices, frequency, and duration of use as well as chemical exposures.

Tips to Extend Your Equipment’s Lifespan

We understand that you make a big investment when you purchase new pipe lining systems, and you want them to last for as long as possible. Regular lubrication of the moving parts reduces friction and wear and tear. Cleaning the equipment after each use reduces rust, corrosion, and abrasion on the tools. We also recommend replacing key parts according to each manufacturer’s timeline.

With proper maintenance and careful storage, your trenchless pipe lining equipment tools will last for many years. Investing in this equipment helps you grow your business and expand your range of services and pipe rehabilitation options for residential, commercial, and municipal customers.To learn more about the trenchless equipment we offer, contact us at PrimeLine Products today!



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