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Lateral Cutters: Reasons Top Contractors Choose Them

America’s residential plumbing infrastructure is aging. All of those sewer laterals will need rehabilitation sooner rather than later. At Primeline Products Inc., we proudly offer lateral cutters and reinstatement systems that can make your job go as smoothly as possible.

Easy Setup

Even though lateral cutters are filled with top technology, by no means are they hard to use. Their clamshell designs protect them from dirt, dust, and moisture intrusion. The interface allows point-and-click functionality. Pair them with a wired connection or Wi-Fi–including a hotspot on your phone.

Accuracy and Precision

Robotic cutters use centered heads for improved accuracy and precision. They easily negotiate 45- to 90-degree bends, including pipes with multiple bends. These cutters can handle offsets and changes in pipe diameter with ease.

Speed of Repairs

When you serve a lot of customers, you stand to benefit from our complete reinstatement cutting system. It includes helpful accessories, such as a portable case with a handle and wheels, backup camera, antifreeze kit, tow cable, and water exhaust accessories. You will be able to handle any surprises during every repair you perform.

Serve More Customers

When a customer’s sewer line has failed, they don’t want to wait long for repairs. The speed of our Flex cutter system means that you can complete a reinstatement or rehabilitation project in a matter of hours. The water hydraulic cutting process reduces the amount of time that it takes to finish the project. The cutter head’s color camera with a self-cleaning lens allows you to see what’s ahead and make adjustments as needed.

Lateral cutters and reinstatement systems are adaptable to nearly all weather and field conditions and types of pipes. They are easy to set up and maintain. On top of all that, the learning curve for using them is quite short.

To learn more about these precision cutters and systems, reach out to us at Primeline Products today.



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