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What Makes Chemical Grouting Advantageous for Many

When you’re working on a sewer or drain repair, chemical grouting supplies are essential. These multi-functional and economical products keep water away from the work area and protect underground structures and pipes.

At Primeline Products Inc., we stock many formulations and sizes of chemical grouts for all of your residential and commercial plumbing projects. Here’s a look at what makes them so advantageous.

Improved Soil Stability

When you’re working in loose or porous soil, chemical grouting gives you the stability you need without adding to the soil’s weight or volume. The grout fills the space between soil particles, which holds the particles together and stops them from moving. The grout also prevents saturation of the soil, which reduces the risk of water intrusion and pressure against pipes and manholes.

Reduced Excavation

When you use chemical grouting on difficult soil, it reduces the need for extensive excavation. Less excavation means faster project completion time and happier customers.

Environmentally Safe

Avanti chemical grouting products are environmentally safe. They also protect the local environment by stopping leaks of petroleum products or sewage from spreading beyond their origin. The grouts don’t release fumes or volatile organic compounds into the air, water, or soil.

Safe For Workers

Underground utility workers must deal with tough environmental conditions. Safety hazards, such as slippery surfaces, are a big risk for falls and other injuries. Chemical grout for manhole and joint sealing helps keep your crew and other workers safe.

Easy to Apply

Chemical grout is easy to apply with our chemical grouting accessories and equipment. When you need to apply grout to a large area, you can use our ergonomic pumps for quick results.

Chemical grouting enhances the longevity, durability, and success of every plumbing repair you perform. These products pair with our grout applicators, pumps, sealants, coatings, and other finishing products.

To learn more about chemical grout, reach out to us at Primeline Products Inc. any time!



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