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High-Quality Robotic Cutters from PrimeLine Products

PrimeLine Products takes pride in being a family-owned and operated company for more than20 years. Today, we are the leading trenchless rehabilitation equipment provider in the industry.

We are also a Picote Products authorized reseller of industry-leading lateral cutters. We make sure that we offer a full range of solutions for any trenchless or pipeline equipment need. All these come at reasonable prices.

We also understand that as sewer system mains and laterals degrade over time, more extensive work in smaller-diameter lines has called for more versatile and effective robotic reinstatement equipment. That is why PrimeLine Products also offers high-quality robotic cutters for small-diameter drains. Here is an overview of this specific line of equipment from our team.

Reliable Lateral Cutting Equipment

After repair and relining of broken pipelines during trenchless sewer rehabilitation, blocked laterals need to be reconnected. Specialists in pipeline rehabilitation, corrosion control, and pipeline structuring require effective and simple-to-use lateral cutting equipment, capable of working with high levels of pressure when cutting connections to size in new liners.

A Versatile Lateral Reinstatement System

In addition to sewer-main relining, the demand for new liners and reinstatement cutting systems for smaller-diameters pipes is increasing. These smaller lines tend to separate or crack and account for half the inflow of groundwater. To meet this demand, the Try Tek T80 and T150 robotic lateral cutters are versatile hydraulic systems for rehabilitating small pipes.

The T80 robotic cutter works with 3”,4” and 6” pipes. It reaches 100 feet, navigates multiple bends, including 90 and 45 degrees, and can reinstate vertical and horizontal pipes from a ground or basement level. Features include:

  • Small design with high-power hydraulic cutting
  • Environmentally-friendly water hydraulics
  • Fast set up that’s simple to run
  • Color camera and self-cleaning lens
  • Access through roof vents or clean ports

The T150 reinstates 5” to 18” pipes. This revolutionary design is the result of feedback from professionals and customers. Top features include:

  • Easy-maintenance clamshell design
  • Swap-out of spare ram in minutes
  • Centered head that negotiates obstacles and offsets
  • Clutchless electronic limiter
  • PC-based Panel-mount control box
  • Compatibility with standard game controller
  • Modular and sealed motor pod
  • Fast cutting with variable precision speed
  • Wired connection or Wi-Fi capability

T80 Flex Cutter Packages

PrimeLine Products offers the T80 as part of three Flex Cutter Systems:

  1. T80 – 3” to 6” Flex Cutter System Package
  1. T80 – 3” to 6” Flex Cutter Package w/ Contractors Kit
  1. T80 – 4” Flex Cutter System Package

Each package contains the T80 main system. Depending on the package type, the system may include:

  • Skid Package
  • Antifreeze kit
  • Water exhaust kit
  • Tow cable kit
  • Cutter bit/slinger, varying diameters
  • Camera replacement kit
  • Handlebar extension
  • Miscellaneous hardware kit
  • Transport case with wheels

T80 3”, 4”, 6” Small Pipe Lateral Reinstatement Cutter

Besides the need for relining sewer mains, there is also a growing need to reline the smaller diameter lateral pipes that run from buildings to the main lines. These smaller pipes crack, separate and break, and are responsible for 50% of the inflow and infiltration of ground water to be processed by municipal sewage processing plants.

  • Water hydraulic cutting gives big power in a smaller package
  • Water hydraulics eliminates potential environmental hazards
  • Access pipe systems via clean out ports or rooftop vents
  • Set up and operation are quick and simple
  • Includes 100 feet (30 meters) of working cable
  • Cutting head includes a color camera with a self-cleaning lens

T80 – 3” to 6” Flex Cutter
System Package

T80 – 3” to 6” Flex Cutter System Package w/ Contractors Kit

T80 – 4” Flex Cutter System Package

A: #9-01137 – T80 Main System
B: #9-00462 – 4″ Skid package
C: #9-01024 – Antifreeze installation kit
D: #9-00731 – Cutter bit\slinger – 25mm dia x 25mm
E: #9-00734 – Water exhaust kit
F: #9-00737 – Tow Cable Kit
G: #9-00573 – 3” Skid package
H: #9-00463 – 6” Skid package
I: #9-00730 – Cutter bit\slinger – 25mm dia x 13mm
J: #9-00780 – Cutter bit\slinger – 25mm dia x 45mm
K: #9-00563 – 4″ Skid extension & screws
L: #9-00736 – Camera replacement kit
O: #9-01230 – Handlebar cable extension 9M
P: #9-00383 – Motor “head” assembled complete
Q: #9-00481 – Tripod
R: #9-01185 – Wheeled transport case L 29″ x W 21″ x H 20″
S: #9-01180 – Misc. hardware kit

Vertical Reinstatement
The TRYDENT 80 cutter system allows you to reinstate an entire vertical waste pipe from a single access point. Navigate multiple bends and turns.
Small, powerful cutting head can be maneuvered around 90° and 45° elbows. Reach extends up to 100 feet.
The TRYDENT 80 Unit is only 23” wide for easy interior access through doorways. Can be used indoors or outdoors.
Horizontal Reinstatement
Now you can reinstate lateral waste pipes connected to the sewer main at ground or basement level.

T150 5”-18” Reinstatement Cutting System

The T150 is a revolutionary new product based on years of suggestive customer feedback and input from professionals in the industry. The T150 will enhance the customer experience over previous designs:

Key Benefits:

  • Clamshell design for ease of maintenance
  • A spare ram can be swapped out in minutes
  • Centered head for negotiating offsets and obstacles
  • Incorporates a watertight ram compartment for protection against moisture damage
  • Electronic torque limiting protection against motor damage
  • Digital two conductor control design for additional function expansion
  • Panel-mount PC-based control box leaves the desk surface clear
  • Choice of Xbox controller or optional joystick control
  • Remote software update capability via the internet using Wi-Fi or wired connection
  • Easier to repair in the field with spare parts on hand
  • Capable of employing a wide variety of air routers, bits, brushes, and grinding wheels

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