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Access is very limited when performing trenchless sewer repair or replacement, and precise, dependable robotic cutters are critical to getting the job done right. PrimeLine Products offers an array of pipe cutting devices, including our high-quality Flex Cutter System, and we believe that this system has a multitude of benefits that professional plumbers will definitely appreciate.

Proven Performance

The Flex Cutter System has been demonstrated to be reliable in a wide range of adverse conditions. This entire system of robotically operated lateral cutters and related equipment was designed to stand the test of time and has been employed successfully to repair subsurface sewer pipes of varying diameters, materials, and ages.

Easy Maintenance

The system was created with long-term usage in mind. Parts are easy to change out, so you won’t be faced with extensive downtime if you need to switch to a different size cutting tool or replace a component in the unlikely event that damage or breakdown occurs.

Additional Advantages

The important working parts of the Flex cutter system are shielded from moisture inside of a waterproof casing, so deploying them in a damp or partially filled pipe will be no problem. We’re also pleased to offer the system and its related components at budget-friendly prices in order to protect our clients’ bottom lines.

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