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Is Lateral Pipe Lining an Efficient Process?

Lateral pipe lining is the most efficient way to rehabilitate damaged or cracked sewer laterals. A sewer lateral is the segment of pipe that goes from the customer’s property to the main sewer connection of the municipal system.

At Primeline Products, Inc. we’re the trusted suppliers of equipment and materials for this efficient and effective pipe repair method.

No-Dig Solution

When you use lateral pipe lining equipment, the process requires minimal to no digging. In most cases, the existing sewer access pit provides the insertion placement for the equipment and new liner. Having no extensive excavation saves time and reduces disruption for the customer.

Adaptable Equipment

Maxliner lateral lining products offer compatibility with multiple pullers and pipe sizes. This means you don’t need a different piece of equipment for each size of pipe you repair. Swapping pulling heads only takes a few minutes.

Minimal Setup Requirements

Equipment for lateral pipe lining requires minimal setup time. After a few projects, your team will be able to set up and take down the equipment within a matter of minutes.

Fast Curing Time

Lateral pipe lining supplies cure with steam. You don’t have to spend time mixing chemicals, and the water reaches the right temperature in a short time.

Repair Complicated Laterals

Lateral lining materials work on complicated plumbing setups with 45- to 90-degree bends. If the pipe size changes in diameter, there’s no need to switch to a different liner size.

A lateral pipe lining system allows your plumbing company to rapidly repair damaged sewer laterals and restore service within just a few hours. Your customers will be pleased with the short repair times, and the speed of the process means that you’ll complete more projects and increase your company’s productivity.

To learn more about the efficiency of pipe lining for lateral sewer connections, contact us at Primeline Products, Inc. today!



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