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Dancutter lateral cutters

At Primeline Products, Inc., we constantly search for the best tools that offer long lifespans, quick setup and adaptability for a variety of field and project needs. Dancutters are lateral cutters that exceed our high expectations.

Let’s take a look at when Dancutters are the right choice for your needs!

Restore Pipe Capacity

When your customers complain of slow drainage, backups, and foul odors, your video inspection may show debris or mineral scale buildup reducing the pipe’s capacity. Dancutters are able to scour the pipe clean. They remove hard debris, including mineral deposits, calcified crystals from hard water and thick tree roots that impede wastewater flow through pipes. Dancutters are perfect for reopening laterals and restoring full pipe capacity.

Use in Any Conditions

Dancutters deliver full power in any weather conditions. This allows you to use them for milling, grinding, and cutting in extreme heat, cold, or precipitation. They work in all soil conditions, from heavy clay to sandy soils that shift and move with minimal vibration or pressure. The flexible heads easily navigate through complicated plumbing configurations that have many bends and corners.

Multiple Tools in One

Most fleet vehicles have limited space for equipment. The Dancutter does the job of many tools. It grinds, mills, and cuts through clay, cast iron, concrete, steel, PVC, and other materials. You won’t need a separate tool for every type of pipe or task, which saves your crew time and space.

Dancutters offer versatility for a variety of trenchless pipe installation and restoration projects. Their ease of use, portability, and power to cut through any material make them the optimal choice for residential, commercial, and industrial trenchless pipe repair and replacement projects.

For more information about the Dancutter or any of our other trenchless pipe rehabilitation solutions, contact us today at Primeline Products!



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