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Ambient curing is a valuable option for many lateral pipe lining projects depending on the specific demands of the situation and preferences of the customer. That’s why PrimeLine Products encourages trenchless providers partners to consider the advantages of offering these solutions as part of a comprehensive service package.

Rely on Resilient Resin

Resilience is essential for versatility and longevity, so it’s always an important factor. Unlike some other types of lateral pipe lining supplies, using ambient cure resin doesn’t depend on moisture or temperature levels. This means technicians don’t need to put off finishing a project just because of inclement weather.

Our ambient cure lateral lining materials are also resilient after installation thanks to a natural resistance to chemical and heat damage. This makes them viable for local repairs and patches that would otherwise require a massive replacement project.

Find Flexible Applications

Another reason why ambient cure resin is useful in a lateral pipe lining system is its wide range of material compatibility. It can bond effectively with cement, clay, cast iron, PVC, steel, and concrete pipes of any size. This means service providers can rely on it when making repairs to any pipe that needs restoration.

Versatility is particularly important for lateral pipe lining equipment due to the varying size and shapes of residential systems. Every property and system has unique challenges and features, so flexible solutions are generally more reliable and effective than conventional ones.

High Standards for Curing Solutions

PrimeLine Products is proud to feature Maxliner lateral lining products as part of our current trenchless solution lineup. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence in product quality and customer service, so are always eager to work with partners who share those values. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our values, services, and product partners!



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