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Fast Facts About Chemical Grouting

The trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry requires many durable and multi-functional materials. One such material is chemical grouting. This type of grout allows you to take on many small repairs and stabilize work areas before undertaking a larger project. At PrimeLine Products, we’re proud to offer many types and formulations of this essential material.


Our chemical grouting supplies have a vast scope of uses. During the construction or rehabilitation of a structure, these grouts can be used to prevent groundwater intrusion from the soil into a structure. They stabilize nearby soil and eliminate shifting and expansion. The grouts stabilize soil when excavation is required. Use chemical grout for crack injection, sealing around septic tanks, and forming sanitary seals around wet wells.


The Infiltration Control Grouting Association (ICGA), a division of NASSCO, Inc. (National Association of Sewer Service Companies) has stated that” left unmolested, there is both historical use data (excavations) and independent lab results indicating that the degradation of the polymer grout over time does not compromise the repair over a period in excess of 30 years and it is therefore considered a permanent repair.”

Application Methods

When you need chemical grout for manhole and joint sealing, make use of our caulk gun type applicators as well as electric pumps.Other tools such as injection ports, mechanical packers and oakum. We also stock pump washing agent to clean your equipment after using the grout.

Chemical grouts are easy to apply, last for decades, withstand tough conditions and create solid bonds that can protect your infrastructure. They’re ideal for use on residential, commercial, and municipal plumbing components, including pipes, joints, storage tanks and manholes. For additional details about our chemical grouting accessories and equipment, contact us at PrimeLine Products today.



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