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Epoxy Pipe Lining’s Main Advantages

Epoxy lining is one of the best solutions for the rehabilitation of deteriorated pipes. After all, epoxy pipe lining products offer unparalleled strength, ease of application, and a rapid curing time, so your clients won’t have to wait long for the full restoration of their plumbing.

PrimeLine Products offers a range of epoxy liners for plumbing contractors seeking to expand their range of services to include this method of trenchless repairs.


Most property owners don’t want to deal with repeated repairs on their sewer laterals and other pipes. Epoxy pipe lining lasts for decades. It resists abrasions, impacts, and damage from grease, acids, bases, and oxidizing materials. The strength of epoxy lining installed with our trenchless pipe lining equipment allows the new pipe to resist tree root intrusion and the pressure from heavy soil and high water tables.


Our epoxy pipe lining systems are more affordable for you and your customers than traditional methods of pipe repair and replacement. You won’t have to invest in heavy digging equipment. Your customers will enjoy a lower restoration cost because this trenchless pipe rehabilitation method only requires the use of one access pit.


Epoxy resins start in a liquid state. It easily expands, covers, and conforms to the existing pipe’s dimensions, curves, bends, and faults. Pair it with our various trenchless equipment, such as rollers, brushes, and sprayers for fast and easy installation. It works at temperatures as low as 24 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 325 degrees, so you can use it in any season of the year.

Epoxy lining lasts for as long as the pipe itself does. It’s the only repair your customer will ever need, and it works in nearly all situations. To learn more about epoxy lining and our trenchless equipment for sale, contact us at PrimeLine Products today!



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