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Lateral lining materials

When your customer needs their pipe lined, delivering a successful result requires attention to detail, razor-sharp skills, and the right lateral pipe lining equipment. Our team at PrimeLine Products offers guidance and tips on how to make every project a smooth one.

Let’s take a look at what you need to do for a successful pipe lining application every time:

Evaluate the Pipe

Not all pipes qualify for lateral pipe lining as a restoration method. Closely evaluate the pipe for offsets, standing water, and collapse. An offset of more than 20 degrees or a pipe with 50% standing water doesn’t qualify for lining.

Take Accurate Measurements

Before you start selecting the lateral pipe lining supplies, be sure to take accurate measurements. The number and type of bends and the stretch of the liner make a difference in the length of liner you need.

Prepare the Pipe

In advance of deploying the lateral pipe lining system, your crew must prepare the pipe. All debris, including mineral scale, grease, tree roots, and solid waste requires removal before installation of the liner.

Maintain Consistent Air Pressure

When using pressurized air to cure liners deployed by the Maxliner lateral lining, maintain consistent air pressure. Consistency is key for a smooth, bubble-free result. Keeping the air pressure consistent promotes a perfect bond between the liner and the pipe and ensures that all areas fully cure at the same rate.

Allow Adequate Curing Time

The curing time varies based on which lateral lining materials you use. Curing time also depends on the ambient temperature and air pressure. We recommend using a camera to check on the curing process before restoring service to the pipe.

For more tips on ensuring a successful lateral pipe lining project, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products any time.



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