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Damaged sewer being lined

Harsh chemicals, tree roots, and other debris cause sewer lines to degrade over time. Trenchless pipe lining equipment offers an efficient way to rehabilitate an existing sewer line. PrimeLine Products offers everything contractors need in order to perform sewer lining for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients.

Let’s explore the basics of sewer lining and the equipment for this type of trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

Inspect the Pipe

To determine if a sewer is a candidate for our pipe lining systems, we recommend that you begin with an inspection. A video inspection allows you to see a 360-degree view of the pipe’s interior. The camera also allows you to measure offsets, determine the amount of standing water and evaluate the size of cracks or fractures in the pipe. At this time, your team also measures the pipe and notes the locations of bends and offsets.

Prepare the Pipe

Once you know that the damaged pipe offers compatibility with our epoxy pipe lining products, your crew prepares the pipe. This involves scouring the pipe and removing mineral buildup, solid waste, rust buildup, and tree roots.

Apply the Liner

We offer a range of trenchless equipment for quick and consistent application of epoxy resin and liners. Our pullers deploy the tube through the damaged pipe. Once you verify the proper positioning of the impregnated liner, you initiate the curing process. Our epoxy liners offer compatibility with hot air, steam, and UV curing. The curing process removes moisture and creates a permanent bond between the liner and pipe.

Our trenchless equipment for sale facilitates faster, more streamlined work, and optimal results. We also provide product guidance, training, and maintenance tips to help you keep the equipment in prime condition.

For more details about the basics of sewer lining, contact our team at PrimeLine Products today!



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