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MaxLiner HotKick™

When you’re in the business of trenchless pipe repair, you’ll need lateral pipe lining equipment that can cure the new liners you install. The MaxLiner HotKick™ by PrimeLine Products offers the durability and cost-effectiveness you need for both residential and light commercial products.

Consider these reasons why the MaxLiner HotKick is a great addition to your selection of trenchless pipe rehabilitation equipment.


You can use the HotKick with lateral lining materials of your choice. It works on pipes measuring up to eight inches in diameter. Enjoy total control of the flow and temperature of the water with ergonomic knobs. The four-way adjustments allow you to accurately and precisely reach the desired temperature and rate of water flow.


The MaxLiner lateral lining machine uses propane for power. It’s safe to use indoors and outdoors. Bring it indoors to access a pipe through your customer’s basement, or use it outdoors in a small pit for rehabilitating sewer laterals.


Lateral pipe lining can be tricky. The HotKick maintains a consistent temperature for the duration of the curing process. This means a perfect bond between the pipe liner and the old pipe. With no ripples, wrinkles, gaps, or seams, this ensures that the rehabilitated pipe maintains its full capacity.


Safety should always be a top consideration when using the HotKick and lateral pipe lining supplies. The HotKick’s watertight plug prevents leaks of hot water. It also offers IP protection and a convenient handle for portability and maneuvering.

With the MaxLiner HotKick™ lateral pipe lining system, you can complete more projects with ease and in less time. This equipment reduces the time required to cure pipe liners, which will please your customers. For more information about the HotKick or to place an order, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products.



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