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If you’re a plumbing company that provides commercial and municipal sewer line repairs, you likely used grout on a daily basis to protect pipes from leaks. There are two types of grout on the market, chemical and cement. At Primeline Products, we offer quality chemical grouting accessories and equipment for a variety of applications.

Chemical Grout

Chemical grouting is made from silicates, acrylics and polyurethanes. They come in gel and foam forms. These grouts can penetrate into a variety of materials and form chemical bonds with them. They cure within a few hours and are quite inexpensive as they only cost around $3 per gallon.


Cement grout is incredibly strong and made to last for up to 200 years. It’s also available in different particulate sizes. The finer the particulate size, the longer the cement grout will last. Cement grout is especially good at controlling soil movement and water pressure. While it’s more expensive than chemical grout, it’s excellent properties pay off in the long run.

When to Use Cement and or Chemical Grout

Avanti chemical grouting is used for repairs that only need to last for a couple of years. If there is a crack in a sewer line that is slated for repair in three years, a chemical grout is a fine choice.

Chemical grouts are also good for manhole and joint sealing that will need to be opened again in a few years. Cement grouts are for long-term repairs and areas that will not be accessed on a regular basis. In some applications, chemical grout is applied after cement grout.

Primeline Products is the trusted provider of chemical grouting supplies for sewer line repairs and other plumbing projects. To learn more about the types of cement and chemical grouts we offer, get in touch with our team today.

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