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With many contractors considering chemical grouting for soil stabilization, it’s important to find a trusted supplier with the chemical grouting accessories and equipment they need. Primeline Products offers a variety of chemical grouting supplies that will ensure you have what you need to finish your next project.

How Does Chemical Grouting Work?

The chemical grouting process works by introducing the chemical grouting material into the granular base soil at a construction site. The chemical grout is delivered via high pressure down well-established sleeve port pipes. The number of port pipes installed at the construction site will highly depend on the area’s overall size. This process produces a stone-like mass that is capable of carrying the load of a new structure.

Structural Grouting To Fill Gaps

Apart from creating a solid structural base, chemical grouting can be used to repair fractures in both rock and concrete. The crack is filled with grout, creating a powerful adhesive that bonds the two surfaces together. This process enhances the integrity of the rock or concrete and provides a waterproof bond. Avanti chemical grouting is often used for manhole and joint sealing to ensure a long-term fix.

Water Control Grouting

Sometimes groundwater intrusion can happen to underground pipelines and structures. Our line of chemical grouting supplies and materials can be used to stop unwanted water movement below the surface. By injecting grout into the area, the space between the granular soil particles is filled and once set, the soil and grout turn into one big waterproof mass that prevents fluid mitigation in the area.

Primeline Products offers premium Avanti chemical grouting for contractors in all specialties. If you’re looking for a simple solution to stabilize soil at a construction site, we strongly recommend Avanti. Contact us today to learn more about your chemical grouting options.



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