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Avanti Chemical Grouting: What You Need to Know

Grout is an essential product that can aid your plumbing business for sealing structures and providing groundwater defense. That’s why Primeline Products proudly offers Avanti chemical grouting products. They offer many different formulations and sizes to cover a wide array of applications. 


Unlike bathroom tile grout, which only serves one purpose, chemical grout for plumbing has various applications. You can use it for rehabilitating manholes, catch basins, lift stations, virtually any below ground structure susceptible to intrusion from groundwater. Above ground structures such as tanks can also be repaired using grouts. Grout can also be used to stabilize soil, which makes it useful in places with sandy or heavy clay soil where excavation is required or simply to stop or prevent erosion. For years contractors have come to rely on chemical grout from PrimeLine to control groundwater and stop leaks.


Chemical grouting needs a small particle size to prevent the movement of liquids. Avanti’s Ultrafine SD cementitious grout boasts a particle size of just 3 to 4 microns. Avanti also produces Ultrafine VX grout, which is an ideal mix of Portland cement, a dispersant, and pumice. We offer Avanti’s USG Super grout in bags up to 44 pounds in size, so you’ll lower your per-project materials cost.


Avanti’s chemical grouting supplies can be safe to use anywhere. Always read the SDS and use the recommended PPE. Many of them are rated safe for use on potable water lines and tanks, too.


The Avanti chemical grouts, accessories and equipment are highly effective. The cured grout lasts for decades without shrinking, cracking, peeling, or crumbling. However, you need to be sure to select the correct type of grout, and apply it correctly. If you ever have any questions on the what is the best grout is best for your application or how to apply the grout, PrimeLine is here to help you. 

Chemical grout works well with other trenchless pipe rehabilitation materials, tools, and accessories to create an optimal and lasting result. They are easy to apply, safe, and long-lasting. Reach out to us at Primeline Products for more details and product specifications about Avanti chemical grouting.



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