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Various pipeline plug tools and accessories

When your crew needs to test, block, or repair a pipe, having the right pipeline plugs, tools, and accessories facilitates a reliable, accurate, and precise result. At Primeline Products, we offer a variety of plugs for different types of pipes and applications. Understanding which plugs, tools, and accessories to choose helps your project go as smoothly as possible.

Pneumatic Pipe Plugs

Our pneumatic plugs allow you to temporarily close off a pipe segment or whole pipe. We recommend these pneumatic plugging solutions for sewage and drain inspection, cleaning, and repair activities. All of our pneumatically operated plugs inflate with hoses, and your crew can perform the inflation from a safe distance. We offer a range of pneumatic plug sizes to fit residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal pipes.

Mechanical Pipe Plugs

To plug a pipe on a long-term basis, choose our mechanical pipeline plugs. These plugs tighten with rim nuts that form a solid seal. Our product team recommends using a mechanical plug for long-term blocking of a pipe and for drain, vent, and waste testing. We offer mechanical pipe plugs in a variety of sizes for all of your projects.

Pipe Plug Tools and Accessories

The right pipeline plug tools and accessories make your job safer and easier. Choose from our durable extension and inflation hoses to use with a pneumatic plug for short-term needs. These hoses also allow you to quickly deflate the plug and remove it. Our poly lift lines protect the plug during the installation and removal process. We also offer protective sleeves for the mechanical and pneumatic pipe plugs. These sleeves allow you to reuse the plug multiple times.

Head over to our online store and check our pipeline plug options or our coordinating pipeline plug accessories and tools. For more information, contact us today at PrimeLine Products.



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