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When your contracting business needs to assist customers with leaky or damaged lateral connections, having the right lateral pipe lining equipment ensures a successful result. Today’s technology facilitates accurate and precise pipe reinstatement and repair at considerable depths and distances from the surface.

At PrimeLine Products, we offer a full selection of equipment for lateral connection repair and helpful product guidance from our subject matter experts.

Remotely Guide the Equipment

Our lateral pipe lining system offers remote guidance. Your operator can stand in a safe and convenient place while the robot does its duty of repairing the lateral connection. With simple joystick controls, you guide the robot through twists and turns in the pipe. The equipment provides you with real-time information about the tool’s location and a video feed so that you can see the pipe’s condition.

High Accuracy and Precision

The lateral pipe lining features a sealed lens, which prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from interfering with the video feed. Thanks to the real-time images, your crew can see exactly where the problem with the lateral line is located. You don’t have to guess, estimate, or hope for the best when you have reliable information from our robotic lateral pipe liners.

Fix a Variety of Issues

Lateral sewer pipes experience a variety of problems, and every job involves a unique situation. Our lateral lining materials and robotic equipment address all causes of lateral pipe problems, including tree root intrusion, joint misalignment, cracks, holes from corrosion, and extensive abrasions or rust. Lining and sealing the lateral pipe also protects the local environment and eliminates problems related to sewage leaks, backflow, and foul odors from the sewer gasses.

For more information about lateral connection repair methods, lateral pipe lining supplies and equipment, be sure to go to our online store. Feel free to call us today at PrimeLine Products for other questions.



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