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Pneumatic plugs

As a plumbing contractor, many of your tasks will involve inspecting, testing, and maintaining various types of pipes. Pneumatic and mechanical pipeline plugs make these processes easier, more efficient, and more reliable. At PrimeLine Products, we offer a range of plugs featuring pneumatic inflation, and they provide many advantages for your projects.

Locate Leaks

When a customer reports a problem or suspects a leak in their pipe, or if your crew needs to check for leaks for inspection and maintenance requirements, pneumatic plugs make the process simple. Designed for short-term use, these plugs allow you to easily conduct leak testing with air. They also facilitate bypassing other pipes to precisely locate leaks.

Bypass Large Pipes From a Distance

Pneumatic pipe plugs fit pipes up to 96 inches in diameter. When you need to bypass one of those large pipes, these inflatable plugs allow you to do so quickly. They pair with our selection of pipeline plug accessories, including extension hoses for inflation and deflation from a safe distance.

Redirect Effluent

When repairing one pipe segment, your crew may need to redirect its effluent. Pneumatic pipeline plugs simplify this process when a task demands a short-term redirection.

Test Multiple Sizes of Pipes

Inflatable plugs fit a range of pipe sizes. With just one or a few plugs, your crew can test multiple pipe sizes. Pair the plugs with our grippers and other pipeline plug tools to get the work done in less time.

Inspect or test any pipeline with confidence, accuracy, and precision with pneumatic inflation plugs. Their easy operation, adaptability, and affordable prices make them a top choice among plumbing contractors. Contact us at PrimeLine Products for more information about the benefits of a pneumatic pipeline plug and how our range of plugs will benefit your business! You can also head over to our online store to purchase one right away.



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