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When your crews need to check pipes for leaks, line acceptance, and pressure, Cherne’s Air-Loc plugs are must-haves for reliable and accurate results. These plugs work along with our other trenchless pipe lining equipment and supplies. Let’s take a look at the Air-Loc plugs available at PrimeLine Products.

Size Range

We stock Cherne’s Air-Loc plugs in a wide range of sizes. Choose from front-loading plugs that fit pipes and openings measuring four to 48 inches in diameter. These sizes come with and without sleeves. We also stock the standard plugs in sizes that fit pipes up to 60 inches in diameter. When your application demands a reduced pressure plug, choose from our 24- to 96-inch diameter options. Easily install and remove these plugs with our trenchless equipment.

Air-Loc Features

Air-Loc plugs feature eye bolts on both ends. Your crew can use these to connect more than one plug. The quick-disconnect ends for hoses make inflation and deflation simple and fast. The front-loading plugs for use with our pipe lining systems also feature color-coded inflation ports, removable air fittings, and internal hoses with enhanced flexibility.


We recommend Cherne Air-Loc plugs for a variety of trenchless rehabilitation and testing applications. When you need to block an inlet or outlet in order to test the pressure, fluid, or airflow in a pipe, these plugs stay in place and help ensure accurate results. When your project involves testing pipes treated with epoxy pipe lining products, the Air-Loc plugs perform well for leak detection and line acceptance testing.

The Cherne Air-Loc products are essential for blocking, testing, and locating plugs. Their sheer flexibility is sure to make them an essential part of your tool kit. For quality trenchless equipment for sale, turn to PrimeLine Products. To learn more about the Air-Loc plugs, reach out to us today!



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