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Your clients’ needs will vary from one project to the next, as will the site, size, and type of pipe and its condition. To handle all of these factors, you need versatile equipment that adapts to a wide range of conditions. At Primeline Products, our Maxliner lateral lining system offers the versatility you need to satisfy residential and commercial clients in your service area.

Line Complicated Pipes

Our Maxliner allows you to perform lateral pipe lining on pipes with multiple 45- and 90-degree bends. The equipment easily navigates through these tough turns. It also handles changes in pipe diameter. When the Maxliner encounters a junction between pipes or segments, it continues to effectively do its job.

Repair Vertical and Horizontal Pipes

One customer’s pipe may have a horizontal orientation, and the next may have a vertical orientation. This lateral pipe lining system allows you to repair both types of pipe installations. Deploy the Maxliner through a drain, roof stack, or vent with ease.

Take Advantage of Helpful Accessories

To expand what you can do with the Maxliner, we offer a variety of lateral pipe lining supplies. Our adapter hoses, rings for the control box, and plugs allow you to accomplish more restoration tasks with a single piece of equipment. For additional adaptability, add the HotKick and Max MicroCutter to complete your Maxliner accessories collection. These accessories fit neatly into your utility vehicle.

Choose Your Preferred Materials

Different pipes require different lateral lining materials. With the Maxliner system, you can choose between ambient-cure epoxy or silicate resin. This equipment works with different thicknesses and lengths of pipe liners.

Check the Maxliner or our other lateral pipe lining equipment by visiting the online store. You may also reach out to us at Primeline Products, Inc. Call us or fill out the form today.



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