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Bypass plug

When your client requires a system-wide pipe repair, you need reliable bypass pipeline plugs to keep the system going during the repair process. At PrimeLine Products, we stock a full range of Cherne bypass plugs for a variety of applications.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the role of bypass plugs in trenchless pipe rehabilitation, testing, and detection services.

Quickly Install for Urgent Testing

The T-handle gripper style of bypass plugs by Cherne allows your crew to quickly install the product when a pipe requires urgent blocking for testing or repairs. These plugs install quickly with our ergonomic pipeline plug accessories. Upon completion of the repair, the plug efficiently releases for swift removal.

Prevent Cross-contamination

During a repair of a sewer line or main, wastewater must continue flowing to the treatment facility. However, the area in need of repair requires contamination prevention. An important role of the bypass mechanical pipeline plugs involves preventing sewage gases and liquids from infiltrating the segment or line of pipe in need of repair. These plugs allow the repaired area to remain dry so that any resin or bonding material can fully cure.

Divert Effluent Flow

When a repair project will take several weeks to complete, the effluent must go somewhere. Cherne’s bypass styles of mechanical and pneumatic plugs divert the flow of effluent to a more desirable location. These plugs range in size from 1.5 to 24 inches in diameter. This accommodates nearly all residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sewer and wastewater line rehabilitation projects.

Cherne’s bypass plugs offer ease of operation, durability, and trustworthy results. Your crew can reuse these plugs, making them a cost-effective solution for many projects. For reliable pipeline plug tools, count on PrimeLine Products. Contact our team today!



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