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Chemical grouting

Grout is used for sealing spaces against the intrusion of moisture, dust, and debris. At PrimeLine Products, we stock a wide variety of chemical grouting supplies and materials for all of your projects. Understanding why grout is essential helps you prepare for each work order and enjoy a successful result.

Seal Tight Spaces

On many of your work orders, your crew will have to deal with confined or tight spaces with limited access for people and equipment. Avanti chemical grouting products allow you to fill cracks and voids in the soil, foundations, and slabs without needing a large opening. The chemical grouts form a solid, cemented mass that resists groundwater penetration, etching, and erosion from substances in the soil.

Maintain a Safe Worksite

Some worksites have soil that easily shifts or slips out of place. This creates a safety hazard for your crew and puts any tunnels or trenches at risk of collapse. With our chemical grouting products, your team stabilizes the soil and stops it from shifting out of the desired place. The application of chemical grout also halts any groundwater or rainwater seepage into the construction or worksite.

Provide Structural Support

Underpinning foundations and protecting manhole openings can prove to be quite a challenge in urban environments. When you need to stabilize the foundation of a large building, chemical grout facilitates the process. We also recommend chemical grouts for manhole and joint sealing on all types of streets and parking lots.

Counteract Settling

In urban environments, buildings often settle unevenly. Chemical grouting prevents settling that causes damage to the building’s foundation and structure. It provides stability and reduces stress on structural support beams.

Feel free to purchase any of the chemical grouting accessories and equipment we offer. Find out more about why these products are essential for your projects when you contact us today at PrimeLine Products!



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