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When you need to cut, mill, and grind, the Dancutter series of tools offers a cost-effective solution. At PrimeLine Products, we stock Dancutter equipment so that you can successfully serve your customers.

Precision Movement

The Dancutter’s design ensures that the blades remain perfectly centered within the pipe. This results in an even and thorough removal of caked-on debris, tree roots, and other obstructions. It also minimizes excessive wear and abrasion on the pipe. The centering process takes place automatically as the blades turn in a full 360-degree rotation.

Adapts to Complex Pipe Configurations

When you work in homes and buildings with complicated pipe configurations, the Dancutter has no problem powering its way through multiple bends and corners. It navigates around one or more 45- to 90-degree bends and junctions within pipes. The flexible hose allows it to move through narrowed areas and tight corners with ease.

Perform Multiple Functions

Most jobs require multiple steps for successful pipe restoration. You may need to grind mineral scale, mill surfaces, or cut through tree roots. The Dancutter does it all. You only need one tool to grind, mill, scour, and cut through anything in the pipe. This reduces your operating costs and saves space in your utility vehicles.

Works on Multiple Pipe Sizes and Materials

Until you expose the pipe, you may not know its composition or exact diameter. The Dancutter splits copper, cast iron, steel, concrete, and PVC. It also cuts through cured pipe liners. Use the mini Dancutter equipment on pipes up to three inches in diameter and the standard Dancutters on pipes four inches or larger in diameter.

Head on over to our store to find out all about our Dancutter tools. These aid pipeline and plumbing contractors on every project. For more information or to place an order, contact us today at PrimeLine Products!



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