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Pow-R Wrap

If your crew needs to repair pipes with minor flaws, you’ll surely want to try out our newest product, Pow-R Wrap. At PrimeLine Products, we take pride in developing new pipe rehabilitation products, accessories, and supplies to pair with your trenchless equipment.

Here’s what you need to know about Pow-R Wrap.

How It Works

Pow-R Wrap is a water-activated wrap made of fiberglass. When your crew wraps it around a pipe, it cures with water within 30 to 90 minutes. It works on wet and dry pipes, so there’s no need to clean or prepare the pipe to receive Pow-R Wrap. Pow-R Wrap is EPA-approved for use on sewer, potable water, petroleum, fuel and other fluid-bearing pipes. It resists temperatures up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be used with pipes internally restored with our pipe lining systems.

What Pow-R Wrap Addresses

Pow-R Wrap addresses minor exterior flaws on any type of pipe, much like our epoxy pipe lining products. We recommend using it on pipes with cracks, splits or breaks. It also addresses tree roots, exterior corrosion and high water tables. It’s a fast, cost-effective alternative to cementing, soldering or welding damaged pipes. In addition to using Pow-R Wrap on pipes, you can use it on mufflers, exhaust systems, fencing, brackets and more.

Benefits of Pow-R Wrap

Pow-R Wrap doesn’t require any tools or trenchless pipe lining equipment for installation. It permanently repairs exterior faults in all types of pipes. Your crew can apply it in any weather or environmental conditions. No mixing or chemicals are needed to install Pow-R Wrap.

Pow-R Wrap addresses minor exterior flaws in any fluid-bearing pipe. You can also use it as an extra measure of protection before a pipe experiences a problem. Get first dibs on top-notch trenchless equipment for sale at PrimeLine Products. Contact our team Today!



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