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Underground work with chemical grouting

Chemical grout halts the intrusion of groundwater into structures and pipelines. No matter what type of underground work your crew has to work with, you’ll need the right chemical grouting products and equipment. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the flowable grouts available through PrimeLine Products.

Components of Grouts That Flow

Grouts that flow consist of a cement base. They contain a proprietary blend of Portland cement, quartz silica, and additives that aid with the flowing process. The Avanti chemical grouting products also contain anti-washout and non-shrink additives to prevent damage from moving water. These additives are especially helpful in areas with high water tables or places that are prone to flash flooding.

Applications of Flowable Grout

We recommend flowable grout for a wide range of applications. When you need to apply grout to an area with an irregular shape, it fills these spaces with ease. Flowable grout also works well for manhole and joint sealing applications. Contractors use it to fill areas in rocky soil and coarse soil so that water seepage doesn’t damage nearby structures or pipes.

Benefits of Using Grout That Flows

Flowing grout only requires water to mix and activate and a few simple chemical grouting accessories and equipment for application. With no need to mix chemicals, your crew stays safe. This grout resists water damage and degradation from minerals in the soil. The low viscosity of the grout allows it to penetrate and reach into small crevices, so water can’t linger, spill, or seep into unwanted areas.

The chemical grouting supplies can make a big difference in the success of your project. At PrimeLine Products, we specialize in grouts that offer easy application, longevity, and affordability. Contact us today for more information about flowable grouts or any of our other chemical grout products.



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