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Mechanical pipeline plugs

When your project requires bypassing one or more pipes, mechanical pipeline plugs offer the durability and strength you need. At PrimeLine Products, we stock these plugs in a wide range of sizes for use in various types of bypassing needs. These plugs offer big benefits for your projects and company.

Safely Tighten Any Time

Unlike pneumatic plugs, the mechanical option accepts tightening by hand. Once tightened against the pipe’s interior, you don’t have to cordon off the area for safety reasons. Your crew can safely work next to a pipe with a mechanical plug in it.

Maintain Pressure

Pipeline plugs with mechanical tightening mechanisms maintain their pressure. Your crew does not have to periodically check or reinflate these plugs. This saves you time and reduces operational costs.

Permanently Plug an Opening

When a client no longer wants to use a segment of a pipe line, mechanical plugs offer long-term or permanent blocking. They stay in place until someone turns the nuts with pipeline plug tools to release the pressure. The nuts lock in place and maintain a tight seal.

Protect Pipes From Damage

Mechanical pipe plugs offer chemical and corrosion resistance. If an adjoining pipe contains harsh or hazardous materials, the plug’s seal and cap don’t degrade or crack. Made from rust-proof materials, the plugs don’t damage vents or other metal materials. Our pipeline plug accessories, including ring and chain assemblies, enhance your crew’s ability to remove the plug.

We recommend keeping a supply of mechanical pipe plugs in your utility fleet by heading over to our online store. When you need to bypass a pipe or plug a segment on a long-term basis, this go-to solution provides the strength, chemical resistance, and durability your applications demand. To learn more about our mechanical pipeline plugs, tools, and accessories, reach out to us at PrimeLine Products today!



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