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When your crew tests, inspects, or repairs pipes, you need the right plugs and pipeline plug tools for the job. At PrimeLine Products, we stock a full range of pneumatic and mechanical plugs, tools, and accessories for all types and sizes of pipes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why more contractors choose plugs for pipelines.

Perform Accurate Leak Testing

To perform accurate leak testing, you need to block some segments of a pipe. Our pneumatic pipeline plugs facilitate this process. With the pump, you’ll achieve the correct amount of pressure to block fluid flow in the other parts of the pipe. To ensure a long lifespan for the plug, we recommend following ISO 2230 standards and cleaning the plug after each use.

Bypass One or More Pipeline Segments

When you want to bypass one or more segments of a pipe, we recommend mechanical pipeline plugs for long-term use. You apply the amount of pressure needed, and the durable nut locks the plug into place for as long as you want it there. Our T-Gripper plugs maintain a tight seal for many years.

Maintain and Protect Pipes

Pipe maintenance prolongs the lifespan of the pipe and prevents problems, such as sewage backups. We recommend pneumatic plugs for short-term maintenance projects. After performing pipeline maintenance, rinse the plug and allow it to air dry before using it again. Store the plug at a temperature of 59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

We proudly offer reliable and cost-effective pneumatic and mechanical plugs and pipeline plug accessories for all of your projects on our online store. Our technical support team offers product guidance and additional specifications so that you can pick the best plugs, accessories, and tools for every application. Reach out to us at PrimeLine Products to learn more about our plugs and accessories.



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