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Primeline Products Maxliner Hotkick

The HotKick is a cutting-edge mobile heating unit for use with an epoxy lateral pipe lining system. Its unique design conveys several key advantages that address some of the major concerns common with basic repair requests. It’s one of the most compact and powerful systems we offer at PrimeLine Products.

Speed is the Essence of Plumbing

Speed is almost always a top concern when conducting any kind of lateral pipe lining repair project. Since the primary design features of the HotKick are geared towards accelerating the curing process, it’s a great choice for addressing urgent demands.

Rapid restoration time for epoxy lateral pipe lining supplies is usually the main reason why plumbers adopt this technology. While results depend on a lot of specific factors, it can exponentially decrease expected curing time from hours to minutes.

Versatility in Application

A plumbing team can only carry so much lateral pipe lining equipment with them in a single vehicle, so versatility is always a valuable trait. The HotKick unit works well on pipes of up to 8 inches in diameter. This gives it a wide practical range that includes many types of residential and commercial piping.

Human-Friendly Design

All types of plumbing equipment, supplies, and lateral lining materials should have a human-friendly design. After all, people are the ones who handle it every day and they are also the ones benefiting from its effects. That’s why maintaining the safety of the operating crew and preserving local property is fundamental to the system’s design.

Your Source for Trenchless Technology

Whether it’s a HotKick heating system, Picote products, or a Maxliner lateral lining, PrimeLine Products has the right piping solutions. We know that our clients rely on efficient and effective equipment to satisfy their customers. That’s why we make it our mission to provide only those solutions that are designed and built to deliver real results in real-world scenarios.

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