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The best tools aren’t just efficient and effective, they are also sturdy enough to hold up over time. Longevity and durability are key factors in the design of all of the trenchless equipment we offer at PrimeLine Products.

What is the Life Expectancy of Trenchless Tools?

The exact answer to this question entirely depends on the specific equipment. The life expectancy of certain epoxy pipe lining products can range into decades, while high-powered units may only last a few years under normal use. Expected lifespan is something you should talk to distributors or manufacturers about on a product basis.

Get Full Length From Tool Lifespans

Every plumbing contractor should know how to use, store, and handle their trenchless pipe lining equipment. Even though tools do eventually wear out, there are several very effective ways to get the most out of their durability.

Use As Directed

While versatility is a prized feature of our trenchless equipment for sale, we also emphasize the importance of only using them only as directed. You need to understand the capabilities of each tool or product so you know when it’s out of its element. Using a tool for jobs that it wasn’t meant for can degrade it quickly.

Train Your Team

Another useful way to get more value out of our equipment is to train employees to operate it properly and efficiently. Focus on advancing operating techniques to get the most out of less time and usage.

Maintain Your Equipment

All tools related to trenchless plumbing and pipe lining systems have certain maintenance needs. Some of these are a lot more specific or demanding than others, so it’s something operators need to consider for each individual product.

Be Informed and Get Innovative Solutions

PrimeLine Products serves contractors with high-quality equipment and tools that allow them to provide better service to each customer. We do this by providing durable product lines as well as information about proper care, usage, and maintenance to maximize lifespan. Contact us today to avail yourself of top-shelf trenchless tools!



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