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Whether you’re a plumbing repair professional or you’re simply interested in learning more about storm drains and sewer piping to be a fully informed property owner, the team at PrimeLine Products is here to help. We furnish chemical grouting supplies that have an array of applications, including in the chimney joint sealing and repair process, and we offer the following information about these products.

What is a Chimney Joint?

Most people envision a stone or brick tower that’s attached to a fireplace when the word chimney comes up, but the same term refers to the vertical portions of sewer and storm drain manholes. Manhole chimneys are generally constructed of brick, clay or metal piping. A chimney joint is any place where the manhole chimney connects to another section of piping. These areas must be sealed using an effective manhole and joint sealing technique to reinforce the connection.

Why do Chimney Joints Need Sealing?

If a chimney joint is not properly sealed with a high-quality chemical grouting product, water can leak from the pipe into the surrounding soil. In areas with high groundwater levels, water can also seep from the surrounding soil back into the pipe. Over time, constant leaking around the joint may cause the piping to break down and fail.

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