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Chemical grouting supplies available from PrimeLine Products are an important part of the soil stabilization process. For trenchless techniques, these materials are needed to support soils along the perimeter of manholes and lateral lines. Allow us to focus on the basics of the soil stabilization process.

What is Soil Stabilization?

Soil stabilization is the process of making weaker or loose soil firmer and more supportive. Soil instability is a problem because it reduces bearing capacity and weakens structures that can include underground pipes. What chemical grouting does is transform granular soil types into sandstone-like masses. Chemical or non-particulate grout works by filling voids in the soil.

How is Soil Stabilization Done?

Typically, chemical grouting for soil stabilization purposes is done by injecting the chemical grout under pressure through pre-drilled holes or ports. The grout gets into the soil and solidifies or hardens it. You’ll be left with grouted soil with increased stability coupled with:

  • A boost in overall soil strength
  • Increased soil stiffness
  • Reduced soil permeability

What Are the Benefits of Soil Stabilization?

The main benefit of soil stabilization is that it improves soil strength. It also limits ground movement and reduces soil vibrations. Boosting soil rigidity improves the effectiveness of manhole and joint sealing as well. Water flow within the soil is also better controlled. This ultimately means pipes repaired internally with trenchless techniques won’t be affected by poor soil conditions.

Get the Soil Stabilization Products You Need Today

At PrimeLine Products, we offer reliable products designed to complete the soil stabilization process, including Avanti chemical grouting. We’re also your trusted source for sewer cleaning equipment, cured-in-place pipe lining equipment, and other trenchless equipment and supplies.

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