What You Need to Know About the Epros®DrainLCR-B Pipe Repair Method

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If you’re faced with damaged piping at your property or you’re a plumber who deals with pipe repairs for your clientele, it’s time that you learned about the Epros®DrainLCR-B method. We here at PrimeLine Products stock lateral pipe lining supplies for use with this repair technology as well as for other repair methods, and we gladly offer the following information on what sets this cutting-edge system apart.

Proven Results

The Epros®DrainLCR-B method employs quality lateral lining materials that restore a pipe’s strength and structural integrity. The liner is flexible when it’s first inserted and then cures to create a hard surface that conforms exactly to the pipeline’s interior.

Minimal Excavation Required

The Epros®DrainLCR-B lateral pipe lining technique makes use of existing openings to feed the new liner into the damaged section of pipe. This means that the extensive excavation usually associated with other pipe repair methods is no longer necessary.

A Wide Range of Uses

In some cases, lateral pipe lining equipment is only capable of relining sections of pipe that are completely straight, but the Epros®DrainLCR-B method can be used on piping that bends up to 90 degrees. This system also expands the length of repairs that can be made.

Saves Time and Money

The Epros®DrainLCR-B lateral pipe lining system can be performed quickly. This results in less downtime for the client and less time per job for the installer. This repair technique is also generally more cost-effective than traditional pipe repair methods.

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