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Lateral pipe lining equipment

Lateral lining of deteriorated pipes allows you to restore full functionality to your customer’s plumbing system. At Primeline Products, we offer a full range of lateral pipe lining equipment for use on residential, municipal, and commercial projects. Our product experts offer these tips to help ensure that your pipe lining project is a success.

Perform a Thorough Evaluation

Not all pipes qualify for lateral pipe lining. A thorough evaluation helps your crew determine if the pipe is a good candidate. If the pipe contains more than 50% standing water, this disqualifies it from lateral lining. Other disqualifying characteristics include tight 90-degree corners, collapse, and offsets of greater than 20 degrees.

Pick the Right Liner

Not all lateral lining materials work well in all pipes. Select a liner that features ideal bonding properties and thickness for the material, size, and type of pipe you plan to line.

Choose an Effective Lateral Pipe Lining System

The right lining system ensures accurate measurements, thorough cleaning and preparation of the pipe as well as speedy deployment, placement, and inflation of the liner. The Maxliner lateral lining allows you to reach out-of-the-way corners and crevices in pipes with complex configurations and multiple corners and bends.

Ensure Adequate Curing Time

Depending on the thickness of the liner, the temperature and moisture levels, and other environmental factors, curing time varies. Curing time also varies by lateral pipe lining supplies used in the pipe. Always ensure adequate curing time for a successful project.

We look forward to assisting you with your pipe lining project. Our team provides lateral pipe lining system product guidance, answers to your questions, and detailed information about pipe lining tools, supplies, and processes via our store.

For more tips on ways your lateral pipe lining project can be a success, get in touch with us at Primeline Products!



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